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Did you inherit a diamond ring from Grandma?

Do you have an engagement ring that you want to upgrade to a different style or larger stone?
Whatever your situation, there are plenty of options available for upgrading or trading a diamond ring. Some vendors specialize in diamond ring upgrading and trading – and there are ways to ensure you get the highest value.
Here are the options to upgrade or trade your diamond:
Change the style of your diamond ring
Upgrade your engagement ring to something bigger
The sale of the diamond ring
Upgrade a diamond ring to create an engagement ring
Assuming you want the highest value for your diamond, you must choose the supplier that will give you a true value for the diamond.

In a jewelry store you are likely to receive much less than the maximum value of the ring since the jewelry store does not have access to the exchange trading hall and therefore you will not be able to sell the diamond for the maximum price

To protect itself the store will give you half price or lessMany diamond suppliers have trade policies, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good policy. The offers may look great at first glance, companies that offer full value upgrades are companies that inflated price in the first place. Even if the company offers a “full upgrade” or “full value of the original purchase price”, it’s simply not a good deal if the diamonds they sell are of poor quality.

For example, suppose you were originally buying your diamond from a branded company ‘You might think this is the better route for the purchase because you get the full value in the sale for your original purchase. But you end up paying a high premium for the new diamond, which means you end up losing.

Online tricks, too, have these tricks. That’s why the supplier you choose for upgrading or trading your diamond is extremely important.

We recommend going with a diamond supplier that offers great value from the start. It is important that the supplier be a member of the Diamond Exchange, which allows him to maximize the old diamond option and a good buy option of the new diamond you want.